We have a 16 year old son and we have never had the HVP...


We have a 16 year old son and we have never had the HVP shot. Should we, or is it too late


It is not too late for your son to get vaccinated. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is recommended for boys and men 9 to 26 years of age (and men 27 years of age and older who have sex with men).  Most males will need to purchase the vaccine as it is currently only provided free in BC to males who are at increased risk of HPV infection.  You can find a list of males who are considered to be at increased risk of HPV infection in the HealthLinkBC File: HPV Vaccines. Those not eligible for free HPV vaccine can purchase the vaccine at most pharmacies and travel clinics.  

It's best to get vaccinated before becoming sexual active and coming in contact with HPV; however, people who are sexually active may still benefit from the vaccines.  

We recommend that you follow up with your immunizing health care provider (physician, pharmacist, or public health nurse) for more information.  You can also find more information about HPV vaccines on our HPV page.  

- Immunization Nurse