Where can I find the Flumist vaccine (nasal application) for...


Where can I find the Flumist vaccine (nasal application) for my kid who won't take a needle? I've called around and can't find it anywhere. Many thanks


The publicly funded live-attenuated influenza flu vaccine (FluMist) was available at most public health units but may be in limited supplies at this time. We recommend that you contact your local public health unit for information on FluMist availability in your area. Some doctor's offices may also have the publicly funded vaccine. Also, you can check our flu clinic locator here to find other clinics in your area.

FluMist is also available for private purchase at some pharmacies and travel clinics (pharmacists are able to administer FluMist, however in general will not be providing the publicly funded vaccine this year). Pharmacies are recommending that people call ahead regarding FluMist availability.

Immunization Nurse