We're mmr vaccinations given in 2 doses back in 1986? My son...


We're mmr vaccinations given in 2 doses back in 1986? My son cannot find his records and is living in New Zealand where there is an outbreak of mumps. I am 99% sure he had 2 shots.


In 1986, only one dose of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) was offered to children 12 months of age and older. In 1996, a 2nd dose of MMR vaccine was introduced at 18 months as part of the routine schedule. That same year, the MR (measles and rubella) vaccine was provided to all children 19 months of age and older (toddlers, preschool children, elementary, secondary, and post secondary students) in a province wide campaign.
ImmunizeBC does not have access to your son’s immunization records. If he needs a copy of his immunization records, there are several places to look:

  • Check your home for your son's paper record of immunizations.  Try looking through baby books or other saved documents.  In BC, childhood immunizations are most often recorded in the Child Health Passport.
  • He can check with the local public health unit if he was immunized at the health unit or in school. Public health units in BC now maintain an electronic registry of childhood immunizations provided by public health nurses but in 1986 they would have been in paper form.
  • He can check with his doctor if he was immunized at the doctor’s office.

Individuals without immunization records (or proof of immunity to a disease) are considered unimmunized and unprotected. They should generally be vaccinated (or revaccinated) to ensure protection.  It is safe to repeat vaccines.  Individuals can also have their blood tested for antibodies to determine their immunity to certain diseases. Your son's health care provider can help him determine what is best for him.
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