We just moved to BC from another province. We don't qualify...


We just moved to BC from another province. We don't qualify for MSP for another month and don't yet have a doctor. Can my 17 mth old still get a vaccine at a public clinic? If yes, can someone other than her parent/guardian (e.g. grandparent) take her? And will there be a cost?


Your child can get routine vaccines for free at your local public health unit.  You can find the contact information for your local public health unit here.  It's important that you bring your child's immunization record with you to the appointment. Vaccine schedules and recommendations differ between provinces.

A parent/representative can delegate authority to another person to give consent for his or her child’s immunization. A note must be provided which includes the following information: 

  • name of parent/representative and his or her relationship to the child
  • name and birth date of child
  • name of person given authority to consent 
  • date and signature of parent/representative who has delegated his or her authority

The parent/representative may wish to be available for a phone call from the immunization provider should they wish to confirm the documented consent.

We recommend that you contact your public health unit for further information.

Immunization Nurse