Thanks for your response with regards to the Tdap vaccine...


Thanks for your response with regards to the Tdap vaccine and pregnancy. Have there been pertussis cases in BC recently? And how many cases would be considered an "outbreak"?


As expected there have been sporadic cases of pertussis throughout BC however, the number of cases remain at baseline levels.  An outbreak is defined as an increase in the rate of pertussis infection over that which is normally expected in a defined area or time. For information on pertussis cases in your area, we recommend that you contact your local public health unit.

Local public health officials monitor disease trends in their area and determine if (and when) an outbreak should be declared. If declared, the outbreak and recommendations are communicated to the public. 

If you have further questions about pertussis or about the Tdap vaccine, we recommend that you speak with a public health nurse of your family doctor. You can find the contact information for your local public health unit here

- Immunization Nurse