My previous GP gave me pneumovax in 2002. My current GP has...


My previous GP gave me pneumovax in 2002. My current GP has prescribed the conjugated pneumonia vaccine. Is it wise to have this second vaccination. I am over 65.


The conjugated pneumonia vaccine (Prevnar 13) is recommended and free in BC for adults at high risk of pneumococcal disease due to receipt of HSCT or HIV infection.  It is also recommended by Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunzation but not provided free in BC for other adults with certain medical conditions. It is available for purchase for adults that want protection. Your health care provider should make a recommendation for you based on your individual situation including your medical history. The pneumococcal polysaccharide (pneumovax) is recommended for everyone over 65. We recommend that you contact your local community health centre and ask to speak to a Public Health Nurse if you have further questions. You can find the number for your local health unit here. Alternatively, you can have a further conversation with your family doctor.

Immunization Nurse