Is it safe to get the flu shot together with the 12 month...


Is it safe to get the flu shot together with the 12 month shot? It seems overwhelming to give my child 5 shots at the same time.


We recommend that you discuss your concerns with your family doctor or a public health nurse. However, you may also want to consider the following information.

Before vaccines are given together, studies must show that the vaccines are just as safe and effective when given together as they are when given separately. Research shows that vaccine side effects, such as temporary pain or swelling at the injection site, are similar when vaccines are given together as when given separately.

Getting more than one vaccine at a time means your child is protected as quickly as possible during the time when they are most vulnerable, and it also means fewer clinic visits.

Your baby’s immune system is amazing. From the day your baby is born, their immune system is constantly working to protect them against the thousands of germs (viruses and bacteria) that they are exposed to as part of daily life. Vaccines represent a much smaller challenge than this daily exposure, and even a combination vaccine is easy for your baby’s immune system to handle. In fact, scientists estimate that a baby’s immune system could theoretically handle thousands of vaccines even if they were given at the same time.

Immunization Nurse