I found out from my doc, I should have the Shingles vaccine...


I found out from my doc, I should have the Shingles vaccine because of my medical condition. I do not have $200 dollars to spend. I know people that have had it. Should be covered


In BC, decisions to fund vaccine programs are made by the Ministry of Health based on recommendations by the Communicable Disease Policy Advisory Committee.  This expert committee makes recommendations based on epidemiology, the best available scientific evidence, a cost benefit analysis and the advice of national and international expert groups, which are then prioritized against other public health initiatives.

The shingles vaccine is not publicly funded in BC.  We do not have information as to whether or not this vaccine will be publicly funded for some or all adults in the future. 

Some health insurance plans may cover the cost of the shingles vaccine. The best way for to find out if you have coverage is to contact your insurance provider/health plan directly.

Immunization Nurse