I cant remember if my child had the chicken pox vaccine -...


I cant remember if my child had the chicken pox vaccine - will it hurt to get it again


There is no central registry of all immunizations provided in B.C.  A paper record would have been given at the time of immunization.  If you no longer have a paper copy of your child’s immunization records, you can:

1.    Check with the public health unit where your child was immunized.  Public health units in BC maintain a registry of childhood immunizations provided by public health in their area. If your child was immunized in school, your local public health unit will have these records.  

2.    Check with your family doctor if he/she provided immunizations and request a copy of your child’s immunization records.

3.    If you are here from another country or province, try to get your child's record sent to you.

We recommend you check with your immunization provider to discuss whether your child needs the chicken pox vaccine and or is eligible for the vaccine as it is possible that they need another dose. You can find your local health unit here.

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Immunization Nurse