I am an high school international student here in Coquitlam....


I am an high school international student here in Coquitlam. I wonder how much I need to pay if I want to get HPV vaccine? And where can I do the vaccine? Thank you very much!


International students who meet BC's eligibility criteria for the publicly funded (free) HPV9 vaccine can get the vaccine for free. The following groups are eligible to receive the HPV9 vaccine for free in BC:

  • Females born in 1994 and later (up to 26 years of age inclusive)
  • Females 9 - 26 years of age who are infected with HIV
  • Males who are at increased risk of HPV infection 
  • Transgender individuals 9-26 years of age

You can find a list of people eligible for the free HPV9 vaccine on our HPV page.

If you are eligible for the free HPV9 vaccine, you can get the vaccine from your local public health unit. If you are not eligible for the free vaccine, you can purchase the vaccine at most pharmacies and travel clinics for approximately $180 per dose. Two or three doses are needed depending on your age. 

If you would like more information, we recommend that you contact your local public health unit and ask to speak with a public health nurse.

- Immunization Nurse