guidelines or 'what to do ' info re current mumps outbreak....


guidelines or 'what to do ' info re current mumps outbreak. Son in law born 1983 and daughter 1985, not sure if they had the booster in the past 10 years. Is this recommended for males and females? What do they do now, where to go? Vancouver


There have been a small number of recently confirmed mumps cases in BC.  However, BC is not currently experiencing a mumps outbreak. 

The mumps vaccine is combined with the measles and rubella vaccine (MMR vaccine).  

The provincial mumps vaccine recommendations are outlined below. These recommendations may be different for select populations (for example, health care workers) and in outbreak situations.  

Mumps vaccine recommendations:

One dose of mumps-containing vaccine (usually given as the MMR vaccine) is recommended for adults born in 1970 or later who do not have a history of mumps disease and laboratory confirmation of the same. The following groups need two doses:

  • children as per the routine schedule
  • students of post-secondary educational settings
  • travelers to outside of North America

People born before 1970 are generally assumed to have acquired immunity to mumps from natural infection. However, there may be susceptible people in this age group, and those who do not have a history of mumps disease or vaccine should talk to their health care provider about getting vaccinated.    

If your family members are unsure if their immunizations are up-to-date, it is recommended that they follow up with their immunizing health care provider (public health nurse, physician or pharmacist). Their immunizing health care provider can review their immunization records and let them know if they are missing any vaccines. 

People born in 1983 and 1985 in BC would have likely received one dose of the MMR vaccine as part of their routine immunizations.  However, without a record of immunization, or proof of immunity to a disease, a person is considered unimmunized and unprotected.  You can find tips on locating immunization records here.

For measles protection, two doses of the MMR vaccine are recommended for people born in 1970 or later (who do not have laboratory evidence of measles immunity).

Vaccination is the best protection against mumps. For more information on the MMR vaccine, see the HealthLinkBC File: Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine.

For information about mumps disease, see the HealthLinkBC File: Mumps.

- Immunization Nurse