Does the BC government provide coverage for the TdaP vaccine...


Does the BC government provide coverage for the TdaP vaccine for pregnant women at 28 wks gestational age? To help protect newborn babies from pertussis before their 1st vaccine


While Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommends the Tdap vaccine for all pregnant women at 26 weeks of pregnancy or later who have not received a dose of pertussis-containing vaccine in adulthood, it is not routinely provided for free in BC. However, in special circumstances such as a pertussis outbreak, the vaccine may be provided for free to women who are 26 or more weeks pregnant, irrespective of their immunization history, based on the advice of local public health officials.

In BC, decisions to fund vaccine programs are made by the Ministry of Health based on recommendations from the Communicable Disease Policy Advisory Committee, chaired by the Provincial Health Officer.  This expert committee looks at recommendations from Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (including those related to the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness) as well as provincial epidemiology (how often the disease occurs in different groups of people in the province), economic analyses, and a variety of other considerations. Recommendations for new vaccine programs or expansions are also weighed by the Ministry of Health against other new health initiatives.

We recommend that you follow up with your health care provider for further information about the Tdap vaccine.  The Tdap vaccine can be purchased at a most pharmacies and travel clinics.

- Immunization Nurse