Daughters HPV shotsI had my daughter receive hoc shots 1 ,...


Daughters HPV shots I had my daughter receive hoc shots 1 , and 2 but it seems we missed the 3 rd one. Will she have protection? What can we do now for protection? She is 18 yrs Is there a test to determine if she is covered by the 2 shots or has immunization for have? Thank you


Whether or not your daughter is considered to have protection from 2 doses of the HPV vaccine depends on the age she received the vaccine and the interval between the doses.  

We recommend that your daughter contacts her local public health unit and asks to speak with a public health nurse. A public health nurse can review your daughter's immunization record and make a recommendation for her. 

Females born in 1994 and later who missed getting the HPV vaccine, or who have not received the recommended number of doses, can get immunized at no cost.  It is important to get the recommended number of doses to ensure protection. 

For more information about HPV and HPV vaccines, visit our HPV page

- Immunization Nurse